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Automatic Driving Lessons

Our automatic driving courses are delivered by one of our Director´s who is an activ ADI and is authorised and regulated by the DVSA.

The following elements are included in any driving course:

Using the car controls, including the automatic gear box
Moving off & Stopping
Uphill & Downhill Starts
Effective use of mirrors and signals
Dealing with meeting situations and clearance
Approaching and Emerging Junctions & Crossroads
Planning & Anticipation
Good use of progress and dealing with undue hesitation
Dealing with traffic lights & pedestrian crossings
Dual Carriageways, Slip Roads and Overtaking
Motorway Driving
Parking Manoeuvres’
Reversing & Turning Manoeuvres’
Emergency Stop
Effective use of Sat Nav´s

All of our driving school cars are maintained to the highest possible standard to ensure that you the learner is always safe. Our driving school vehicles do not have livery so are very discreet.

We can offer our drivers the option to learn to drive on a residential basis in a hotel of your choice in South Wales. Many of our clients choose this option as it is our home location and we can ensure total discretion and confidentiality with limited or no media attention. Our training locations are in quiet and rural areas allowing each learner the opportunity to learn to drive at their own pace with far fewer distractions and in far lighter traffic conditions than that of the busier city locations.

Should a residential course not be suitable, your automatic instructor is willing to travel to your location and stay in your area for the duration of the course. Your driving test will be delivered at your local test center.

When choosing an automatic intensive course, your dedicated instructor will be available to you 24x7 for the entire duration of your course.

Interested? Please feel free to use the Contact Us section to send us an email or send us a text or call on 0748 4143691

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